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Man has three ways of acting wisely: by reflection is the noblest,
through imitation the simplest, through experience the bitterest. – Konfuzius

DLL Holding Group is a global industrial company. The largest holdings of the group supply Europe, Asia and North Africa as well as the USA with sugar, edible oils and other everyday products in particular. Sugar is the company's core business. The Company's business includes sugar production, imports, refining, domestic sales and trade, warehousing and logistics, and management of national reserves. Due to the wide range of trading partners worldwide, we are not dependent on bad harvests and other external circumstances. We guarantee the delivery quantities and can also comply with them thanks to our distributed storage centers. The company sells the products in more than 50 countries worldwide. The annual turnover of the company is 2.4 billion euros, the annual operating result is 138 million euros, the annual profit is 24.3 million euros (as of 2020).